Monday, April 1, 2013


Since our successful IVF in February 2010, we have moved to a new state. This of course meant we had to ship our totsicles, and even in a landlocked state, we were affected by Sandy. Thanks to the miracles of science, they arrived in our new hometown safe and sound.

You see, I am a very superstitious person. It worked the first time with a dedicated and skilled set of professionals, a doctor and nurse that I saw each visit, an acupuncturist who was my biggest cheerleader, and a no b.s. obgyn. I loved them all. Now, we're working with a wannabe baby factory and rarely see the same doctors or nurses. My acupuncturist would rather talk about our toddlers that are the same age, and I haven't seen my ob in months.

But, despite hurricanes and moves and a clown-car of health professionals, we transferred 2 grade B blasts last Thursday. The valium knocked me out this time and I felt hazy all day. My new clinic only requires 24 hours of bedrest, so I was back to my mothering routine the next day.

This time I'm on pio rather than the crinone and my rear hurts like b*tch. It also means my symptoms are already ramping up. I feel crampy off and on, and from what I've read, with a progesterone dose as high as mine, this means nothing.

I felt really positive and optimistic for the first 48 hours and now I'm back to my old infertile panic-prone self. I hate it. I'm praying, acupuncturing, and pleading. Anyone have any other tips?

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