Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ooh Baby!

You can probably guess that each absence means that things are good and I'm here at 17 weeks with a real bump. Too bad the handful of my readers only get an earful when I'm stressed and paranoid.

If you're still with me, thanks for sticking with me because I have some big updates.

First, it's a boy! I was having some new issues (more on that in a second) and my doctor suggested we take a peak. There is no denying that come this fall there will be another Y chromosome in the house. We are so so happy. The husband got a little teary when he heard the news.

Second, the shopping exploded. Monkey tee, check! First hoodie, check! Bedding, lamp, and changing pad, check! Oops. I told you it exploded. I had been eyeing things but hadn't bought anything even after my self imposed shopping embargo lifted officially at 12 weeks. It just seemed that when I had a better idea of who this new little person is, I couldn't help myself. I knew where I wanted him to sleep. I knew how my little boy should be dressed. It was so unreal to know that this is a future human. For real!

Now on to some pregnancy issues that no one wants to talk about.

First, I don't recommend going to Mexico or any other Latin American/developing country during pregnancy. I am a very healthy girl by most accounts. I rarely take a sick day and can eat a pound of spoiled meat and be the only one left standing. However, I didn't stand a chance in Mexico. I had two solid weeks of digestive issues after we got back. I didn't drink the water, I only ate at reputable establishments, and we stayed in the freaking hotel zone where 90% of the establishments use the water purification system set up for wimpy Americans such as myself. But 16 days and 4 doctors appointments later, all seems to be on the mend. When I managed to start eating normal food again, I managed to put on 4! pounds in one week. That was embarassing.

Second, holy groin pull batman! I was experiencing what some would call round ligament pain in the vaginal region. It hurt to stand up, sit too long, walk. When I mentioned it to the doctor as a happenstance, she suggested we check out my cervix. Fortunately, it was tigher than Fort Knox. Unfortunately, it may be a pain I have to endure during the remainder of my pregnancy. Although I exercise and eat well for the most part, my body is a little bit weak for even the meager 7 pounds I've gained. I'm trying yoga with hopes that will help. I'm just warning any of you and don't want you to be freaked out if you find yourself in a similar painful situation. This wasn't something any of the books had mentioned. Dr. Google certainly wasn't helpful either.

I know that this might very well be my only pregnancy and I am embracing these issues with all the gratefulness one lady can posess.